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Boarding, Doggy Day Care, Grooming

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Needing a place for your four legged friend to stay while you are on vacation or on business? No matter the reason your four legged friend would want to join us for the fun.  Priced per day with multi pet discount you can go on vacation and know your friend will be having the time of their life.

Prices are charged daily and include drop off day

1 Dog $25

2 Dogs sharing 1 kennel $40

3 Dogs sharing 1 kennel $50

If a multi dog family requests separate kennels, the rate for a single dog will apply.

Doggy Daycare

Need a place for your dog to go while you are at work or running errands?  Do they have too much energy for you and you want them to make friends. Bring your four legged friend over to enjoy the day with a friend and get out their energy.  You can enjoy your day while they have their own fun.  

Prices per day

1 Dog $20



While your friend is here why not make it into a spa day. We have several services available from nail trims and bathing to full grooming.  Your dog will have their services scheduled during their stay.  Drop them off dirty and pick them up smelling clean and happy.

Nail trims $20

Standard bath $25

Deshedding $25

Grooming prices depending on size and type of dog.  Please call for specific pricing

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